Community Aims

The aim of the Community is to bring together technology development and commercialisation leaders, and support them with up-to-date information on innovative solutions, market trends and partnership opportunities.

Finding Partners

Meeting partners for co-innovation or co-development, customers and end-users.

Sourcing Innovative Solutions

Support in finding innovative solutions that are not visible online and in scientific and technology journals, but they are invented by technology developers.

Validating Interest of the Solutions

Supporting adoption of your innovative solution, through direct contact with customers and end-users.

Validating the Market Needs

Validation that your innovation meets the market needs and expectations, in direct contact with customers and end-users.

Discovery of New Applications

Support in exploring new application opportunities for your innovative solutions and identifying technology expectations in different industries.

Detecting Needs and Trends

Identification of current and future challenges and opportunities that innovative solutions could bring in different industrial applications.