Novel Concepts for Energy Materials (NCEM) Consortium

The NCEM consortium (NCEM-1) was launched in April 2012 by the Centre for Business Innovation Ltd. (, and focused on nano-carbon materials (Nano-Carbon Enhanced Materials). In the following years, the consortium’s interests have broadened to include other nanomaterials and novel concepts for enhanced materials in many different energy applications.

The NCEM consortium provides an opportunity to engage with leading companies in the supply chain and also with leading world class experts in a commercialisation pathfinder programme for a small fraction of time and total costs of alternatives such as consultancy, meetings, workshops and conferences. It provides an opportunity to develop energy materials commercialisation strategy through an active technology watch programme with a unique insight into state-of-the art of technologies and key player strategies and also to secure IP and develop technologies through participations in collaborative R&D programmes and direct commercialisation partnerships with the NCEM members and presenting organisations.


The consortium leader Dr Bojan Boskovic, from Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology Ltd (, is an expert in nanomaterials commercialisation. After 7 successful NCEM consortium series (NCEM-1, NCEM-2, NCEM-3, NCEM-4, NCEM-5, NCEM-6 and NCEM-7), with 5 meetings each series and total of 35 meetings in Europe and USA the NCEM consortium is now in the 8th series (NCEM-8). The current NCEM-8 consortium series is open for new members.

The NCEM consortium meets together 5 times per year, usually at one of its members’ sites or hosted at a leading research institution. World class experts are invited to join and participate at the specific meetings related to their field of expertise.

The consortium is led by ‘big industry’ and it is commercially focused. It is interacting with best quality government research organisations and innovative SMEs. Members are drawn from across all European countries and beyond – this is not a national/regional/EU subsidised consortium.

For further details about membership package for large corporations, SMEs and research institutions and information how to join the consortium please contact Dr Bojan Boskovic, Leader of the NCEM consortium ( and CEO of CNT Ltd (

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