supporting commercialisation of nanomaterial applications.

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Welcome to nanoMATexpo

Home to your virtual exhibition

The nanoMATexpo, is the virtual exhibition place dedicated to support commercialisation of nanomaterial applications. You can visit the Projects developing various nanomaterials applications or you can browse the exhibition place through various Thematics, such as: ultra-conductive materials, graphene, circular economy, medical devices, materials characterisation among others. Projects and Thematics exhibitions are covering a number of different sectors, including: energy, Biomedicine, Environmental, Circular Economy, Additive Manufacturing, Characterisation, Construction, Data Management, Aerospace, Automotive and Sports.


The Exhibitions

At the exhibition halls you will find the displays from the different companies, research institutes and universities grouped according to the Thematics or Projects. 

Each exhibition booth contains information about the organisation, their services/products, and a contact form to reach them. Additional information could include downloadable materials such as videos, brochures and scientific publications.

If you would like for your organisation to have a virtual exhibition booth in one of our existing exhibition halls or pavilions, or if you would like us to prepare a dedicated exhibition hall or exhibition pavilion related to your project or thematic of your interest, we invite you to contact us.

We would be happy to arrange for one of our experts to contact you to discuss how we can build a dedicated virtual exhibition space for you according to your needs.

Circular Economy
Data Management
Additive Manufacturing